Sunday, 28 June 2009

Montreal in Summer

AH SUMMER! This time of year means unbearable humidity and a multitude of tourists, festivals and more in Montreal. While I often simply enjoy the spectacle of life here, I also find myself seeking out the quiet scenes of lush greenery and lovely old houses in the midst of the noises and nervous excitement of the big city. From sprays of blooms to the wide front lawn of McGill to a faded kiss on a statue (easily visible in a larger version once one clicks on the image), these are a few of my most recent photographs from the place I call home (copyright Christina Wegman, 2009).

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Peter H. Fogtdal said...

Nice blog and art work.

I "met" you at #litchat on Twitter (I'm danish_novelist) and I'm interested in Montreal because I've been invited to the lit. festival September 20-27 in your fair city.

All the best